Jeff + Atosha | Red Rocks Surprise Proposal

When Jeff contacted me to photograph a couples session for his girlfriend, my first thought was, "Is there special reason he wants me to make the trip from Kansas to Colorado?". I didn't want just outright ask if he going to propose! After a few times of chatting back and forth, he totally let it slip - " NOT tell anyone...but I am going to propose". My exact response was "OH MY GOD! YESSSSSSS!" To have the opportunity to capture Jeff, my brothers best childhood friend, ask his lady to spend the rest of their lives together was such an honor! I might have shed a few tears and was just as nervous as he was - but it was perfect! Not only did Jeff plan the surprise proposal at Red Rocks, but he also made appointments for her to get her hair and makeup done! Ladies..I know...This totally sweet and romantic guy is now taken by his forever lady! So many congrats to these two! Cannot wait to see you all in April at the Thompson wedding!

Get out your tissues.....

"Babe, I love you. You're my best friend. I really mean it when I say that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" - Jeff