Eric + Lauren | McNabb


"It was February 5th we had had a horrible snow storm the day before and I couldn't get out of my alley. So I posted a Facebook post asking if anyone knew someone with a plow and my friend Liza her boyfriend at the time John sent Eric over. After he cleared the alley and came to the front door I knew I recognized himso I called Liza and she filled me in. I expressed my interest and they gave Eric my phone number. He texted me the next day we went on our first day on the 7th and have been together ever since." - Lauren

Bring out the tissues, because these first looks were full of so much happiness and joy! 

When Eric was asked what his thoughts were when he saw Lauren that day he replied...

"I knew that was the dress she had chosen and man do I have a hot wife."

When asked what their favorite part of the wedding day was, they replied...

"Every minute of it.. but mostly the fact the 4 of us officially became 1."

What are Eric and Lauren looking forward to most now that they have said their "I do's"...

"Spending every day for the rest of our lives loving one another through good and bad and seeing our children grow." 

Words of Wisdom from the bride to future brides....

"The best piece of advice I was given and was extremely hard to follow was relax and enjoy the day. We had 18months to plan and it took forever to get there but in the blink of an eye the day was done." - Lauren

"The fact that without hesitation she is an awesome mother to Hannah and that through it all she loves me." - Eric

"That he still looks at me the same as he did when we first met and loves Kamari and I more than we could ever ask for." - Lauren

Vendor Love:

Bride and Bridesmaids dresses- David's Bridal 

Groom and Groomsmen rentals - Men's Warehouse

Hair and Makeup - Bella Vita Salon and Spa

Invitations - Misty Bull

Venue - Eighteen Ninety

Flowers - Carey Kern

Catering - Robert and Hollie Eberth

Cupcakes - Angie Mueller

Cookies - Sis Sweets

DJ - Trey Jamerson

Bartenders - Diamond Girls

"Eric and I just want to thank every single person again for helping with our wedding day and those who came out to support us and join in. We truly have never felt more loved and blessed to have such amazing people in our lives like we did that day." - Lauren

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