First few hours of life | Jackson Lee

At 6:45 a.m. on September 29th, I received a text message from the Johnsons that their precious baby boy would be here..and very soon. I quickly jumped up and made my way from Lawrence to Olathe Medical Center, where Julie and Seth were bursting with joy as their son entered this world. I walked in to find Julie snuggling with baby, Daddy completely enamored by the site of his newborn son and wife, one very excited grandma and grandpa, and two nurses caring for both baby and Julie. Seth's mom arrived and all I remember was having to wipe tears from my eyes as she thanked Julie and Seth for giving her such a beautiful grandson. The next few hours flew by, as sweet baby J received many oooohhhh's and ahhhhhh's, tears of happiness, and cuddles from everyone that came to see him. He had a few check-in's with the nurses and doctors as well, but he definitely loved nothing more than being skin-to-skin with his mommy. If there is one thing I know, baby J will have many photos taken of him (see selfies!) and lots of love from friends and family. In my final moments with Julie and Seth, they named their son - Jackson Lee Johnson! Thank you all so much for including me in such a beautiful experience. I wish for many moments of love for your AMAZING little family!!